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Product Overview

Product Overview

Polyurethane conformal coating, excluding benzene, butanone and other harmful solvents, used for the circuit board moisture-proof, dustproof, anti-static protection and so on.

Product Applications

Widely used for circuit board protection in household appliances, telecommunication equipment, industrial control devices, automotive electronics, electrical power tools, new energy and so on.
Product List
Product Model Color Viscosity Adhesion Solid content Volume Resistivity Temperature More Parameters
AP9502 Amber transparent (fluorescent) 12~25S
1-level38~42%2.0x10^15 Ω.cm-40~134℃ Detailed introduction
AP9502HV Yellowish to light brown/Transparent 65~80S
1-level43~48%2.0x10^15 Ω.cm-40~134℃ Detailed introduction

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