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Ancham, materials change life.

With better performance materials, electronic devices or components dedicated to improving production capacity will become more reliable and easier to use. Epoxy glue with excellent stability, polyurethane products with better toughness, acrylic products with higher bonding strength...

Ancham's products help producers create more innovative electronics with simpler, more possibilities for colorful life. From the assembly of components to the manufacturing of core batteries, Ancham provides more high-quality material choices for the production process of new energy vehicles. In terms of environmental protection, Ancham is also actively exploring the technology research of environmental protection adhesive products, so as to make the world more green.

The challenge of localization of high-end electronic adhesive materials is the focus of our attention. Ancham uses technology to conduct purposeful exploration every day. We are uniting our challenging partners to promote the localization process of high-end electronic adhesives. Creation a practical and good experience for every user of smart electronics.

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Ancham providing entire, expert solutions in bonding and assembly

From the initial screw, riveting, welding and other mechanical joints, to today's adhesive bonding, every small change in the history of material development is reflecting that science and technology is the first productive force.

From the very beginning, when it was only a simple adhesive function, to the production of glue that can still exert its excellent performance in extremely harsh environments, to achieve an unimaginable long-lasting bonding and sealing effect, Ancham has been working hard every day.

Guided by the response of customer demand and the market trend, Ancham has been constantly increasing its scientific research funds in order to produce better products.

The acrylic UV adhesives produced by Ancham can fix the frame and component solid bonding of mobile phones, PAD and other electronic devices, but also provide reliable sealing and shock absorption. It has excellent stability and weather resistance and excellent adaptability.

Ancham providing entire, expert solutions in bonding and assembly

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