Materials change life

Every day, the materials affect us
From every phone call to every mileage of driving
How to make the mobile phone more durable, the car safer, and the environment more friendly
The people of Ancham give you the answer with every day's effort
Use technology to promote materials change, and use materials to change life
Materials change life


Intelligent manufacturing technology leading adhesives

With our own three core technologies, we will promote the solution of three key problems of process, formula and application
With a continuous iterative production management system, we will promote the continuous progress and development of intelligent manufacturing technology
The production of adhesives with leading intelligent manufacturing technology is a never-ending road of exploration
Intelligent manufacturing technology leading adhesives


    Quality is not only the cornerstone for Ancham survival, but also the base for customers trust to Ancham.


    and aggregates, jointly builds and shares Ancham


    Sharing the benefits of Ancham by working side by side with employees


    Advocate and practitioner of environmentally friendly materials for the benefit of human society

Core Values

Openness, cooperation and win-win results

Ancham adheres to open cooperation and innovation, starting from meeting customer needs and promoting key technology innovation, and aggregates, jointly builds and shares Ancham with customers to promote the healthy development of the electronic manufacturing industry.

Start with customer needs, on the basis of customer satisfaction, with strategic cooperation as the ultimate goal.
In response to personalized product needs, tailored quality products and supporting services. Respond to each demand with patient and careful service and fulfill every commitment.