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Based on new materials, create adhesive materials business together, achieve excellent growth and reap equivalent returns

  • Common Business

    Common Business

    The enterprising Ancham, with the footsteps of continuous innovation to measure the passage of the material world, you will be engaged in a wonderful career, but also you and Ancham common business.

  • Ladder of progress

    Ladder of progress

    Steady development is the bottom of Ancham's longevity, and we are building mature management and strategies that will enable you to harvest growth and share reporting here.

  • Open atmosphere

    Open atmosphere

    Ancham has an equal and open atmosphere where you are treated with equal courtesy and a pleasant working environment, whether you are post-00s or post-80s.

Culture of Ancham

Rock-safe, Sea-accessible

  • Smart Technology Leading Adhesives

    Smart Technology Leading Adhesives
  • Materials change lives

    Materials change lives
  • Quality First    Customer First People-oriented    Benefiting society

    Quality First,Customer First,People-oriented, Benefiting society

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Q:My resume status has been submitted for a long time, but I have not received any notification, what is the reason?
If you have sent your establishment and have not received any notification, please keep an eye on your email and cell phone text message and we will notify you of the review result.
Q:I want to adjust the interview time or format, who should I contact?
Please Jingliang participate in the interview on time, it is not easy to coordinate the time of both sides, if you really cannot participate in case of emergency, please contact the HR who communicated with you previously, please keep the contact information for follow-up communication.
Q:Can I have an interview after 6 p.m. or on the weekend?
Yes, you can communicate with HR or directly subordinate interviewers in advance. Yaskawa accepts the requirements after 18:00 and weekend interview.
Q:If it is inconvenient to interview people in other places or due to the COVID-19, what should we do?
Ancham gives full consideration to the fact that people are out of town, and it is inconvenient to visit the first interview in person, as well as the situation that the COVID-19 is blocking the city. In case of this situation, HR will arrange online interview or written examination, and agree on the time and place of re examination according to the results, so as to open a greenway for talents.
Q:What is the scope of the written examination? Is it long?
The content is based on the job requirements. Generally, candidates for R&D, writing and production posts are required to participate in the written examination. The written examination can be participated in through online or offline interviews. Generally, the answer time of written examination will not exceed 1 hour.
Q:How do you know the result of the written examination?
The written examination is temporarily on the wireless automatic evaluation system. The evaluation results shall be evaluated by the employing department and the examiner according to the results answered by the interviewer according to the set questions. The evaluation results will be timely informed by the interviewer or HR, including but not limited to telephone, information and email.