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Product Overview

AP9502HV is a single component polyurethane modified alkyd resin conformal coating. This product does not contain benzene solvents and can be cured at room temperature. It has good wetting properties on the substrate surface and will not have bubbles after curing. Suitable for impregnation, spraying, brushing and other processes, it can provide moisture and chemical resistance protection for uneven surfaces. This product has superior high temperature resistance and electrical insulation performance.

Product Features

■ Resistant to high temperatures of 134°C, with stable performance.
■ In humid environments, even with thin film coating, the insulation performance is still excellent.
■ No benzene substances present.
■ After curing, UV detection is possible.
■ Excellent chemical resistance.
Product parameters
Parameter Specification
Product Model AP9502HV
Color Yellowish to light brown/Transparent
2.0x10^15 Ω.cm