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Product Overview

Product Overview

Mainly used in all kinds of CSP, BGA bottom filling, can provide BGA or CSP elements with excellent mechanical impact protection and aging impact protection, good flowablity at room temperature.

Product Applications

CSP element for medium and small gaps.
Product List
Product Model Color Hardness Viscosity(cps) Tg Temperature Curing Type Shelf Life More Parameters
AE1401 Transparent / Black 75D300~500125°C10min/130°C6months/-10~0°C Detailed introduction
AE1402 Transparent / Black 60D900~120048°C10min/100°C6months/-10~0°C Detailed introduction
AE1403 Translucent / Black 70D1500~250048°C10min/100°C6months/-10~0°C Detailed introduction

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