Ancham technology of adhesives helps our customers meet some of the more complex challenges


Product Overview

One component, UV light and moisture dual curing modified polyurethane acrylate coating products, dual curing solve the problem of shadow areas uncured. Chemical resistance, aging resistance, radiation resistance, salt spray resistance, vibration resistance.
Suitable for the bonding, sealing and fixing, simple application process can realize automatic process and craft. It is used for circuit board welding point protection, line reinforcement, glass and metal bonding, BGA four-corner binding, electronic components fixation, etc.

Product Features

■ Low odor, environmental friendly.
■ The simple application process suitable for automatic craft in site, fast fixture, shadow areas of moisture secondary curing.
■ Chemical corrosion resistance, aging resistance, radiation resistance and vibration resistance.
Product parameters
Parameter Specification
Product Model AC5715
Color Red