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Product Overview

Two-component gap filling thermal conductive materials, formed with the shape of the structure, with excellent structural applicability and surface conformability characteristics of structural parts, and sufficient gap filling. With good insulation withstand voltage characteristics and temperature stability, safe and reliable.
Applied to the heat sink bottom or frame, high speed hard drive, micro heat pipe heat sink, automotive engine control device, semiconductor automatic testing equipment. Widely used in telecommunication equipment such as network terminal, storage equipment, LED display backlight tube, consumer electronics power devices, security equipment, instruments, electrical, automotive electronics and other industries.

Product Features

High reliability, high thermal conductivity, environment resistance;
Good effect to fill the gaps in the irregular structure;
High electric insulation.
Product parameters
Parameter Specification
Product Model AS4680
Color White / Pink
Sh00 70
1-3h Initial Curing Time/
24h Complete Curing Time