Ancham technology of adhesives helps our customers meet some of the more complex challenges


Product Overview

One-component solvent-free silicone conformal coating, low viscosity, easy flow, thick layer coating, excellent substrate surface wettability. Easy foaming, room temperature curing or heat curing.
Complies with ROHS, UL94-V0 flame retardant standard.
It is used for circuit board protection of household appliances, communication equipment, industrial control equipment, automotive electronics, power tools, new energy and other electronic and electrical products.

Product Features

■ 100% solid content, solvent-free.
■ Low viscosity, thick layer coating.
■ Low modulus, low stress.
■ Excellent electrical insulation performance, excellent high and low temperature resistance.
■ Suitable for fluorescence detection.
■ Complies with UL94-V0.
Product parameters
Parameter Specification
Product Model AS35(50)
Color Colorless transparent/ Translucent (with fluorescence)
25℃/10~20min Initial Curing Time/24h Complete Curing Time
80℃/5~10min Initial Curing Time/2h Complete Curing Time