Ancham technology of adhesives helps our customers meet some of the more complex challenges


Product Overview

Polyurethane reactive hot melt adhesive, room temperature moisture curing, short opening time, no pressure holding, good bonding strength in the initial curing stage, suitable for automated rapid assembly process.
Solvent-free, odorless, fast curing speed, and high bonding strength, high elongation at break, strong toughness, effectively guarantee the reliability of electronic products.
Suitable for plastic, metal, glass and other materials, suitable for structural lamination and electronic assembly applications in industrial production.

Product Features

■ Fast curing speed and high bonding strength.
■ Excellent resistance to cold and hot shock, moisture resistance and chemical solvents.
■ Excellent resistance to mechanical impact and environmental aging resistance.
■ Suitable for bonding a variety of substrates.
■ RoHS, REACH, halogen-free.
Product parameters
Parameter Specification
Product Model AP9133
Color Creamy white / Black