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Product Overview

Product Overview

Two-component room temperature curing polyurethane insulating encapsulant, heated for fast curing. Excellent chemical resistance, excellent flexibility at low temperatures, protection of stress-sensitive electronic components, excellent adhesion to plastics, metals and glass, low and stable dielectric constant.

Product Applications

■ Sealing of automotive sensors, body electronic ECUs, and automotive electronic device components.
■ Potting of antennas and signal transceivers of communication equipment.
■ Protection of stress-sensitive chips or magnetic components in consumer electronic appliances.
Product List
Product Model Color Mixing Ratio Viscosity(cps) Operation time 25℃ Tensile Strength Insulation Strength(AC) More Parameters
AP83(26) Black 100:13.33000±1000
10~15min1.1MPa≥20kV/mm Detailed introduction
AP83(35) Black 5:12500±1000
30/60min≥0.8MPa≥20kV/mm Detailed introduction
AP83(65) Black 100:161100±300
40~50min2.5MPa≥20kV/mm Detailed introduction

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